Qualified Team
of Experts

Our team of diagnosticians is always ready to help you be more healthy.

Take Care of Your Health

At MoosabnJafar, we are dedicated to diagnosing all kinds of diseases.
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Qualified Team of Experts

Our team of diagnosticians is always ready to help you be more healthy.
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Open heart surgeries

Over 60 cases per month of open heart surgery

Purchase of PCNL bed equipment (closed kidney stone removal operation)

With the support of the esteemed board of directors of the hospital, on 31/4/1400, the first PCNL operation was successfully performed in the presence of Dr. Negin Taji , Dr. Shojaei and Dr. Ismail Nia in the cardiac operating room.

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Emergency Cases


Emergency services are available in night shifts.

What Makes Us Different

Qualified Specialists

We hire the best specialists to deliver top-notch diagnostic services for you.

Modern Equipment

We use the first-class medical equipment for timely diagnostics of various diseases.

Emergency Diagnostics

Our emergency diagnostics services help you get the most accurate diagnosis in a minimal time.

All Kinds of Diagnostics

Moosabnjafar offers the region’s most comprehensive range of diagnostic services, from MRI to X-ray.

Our Services

At our clinic, you can experience the best and the most extensive range of diagnostic services in the state. Feel free to browse our website for more information.

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