Medical Diagnosis Laboratory of Mousa ibn Jaefar Hospital


  Mousa ibn Jaefar hospital was known as Mousavi Charity Clinic in past. After the establishment of Mousa ibn Jaefar hospital the clinical laboratory has been developed. Expert staff and latest equipment are now available in this clinical laboratory.


  Technical manager and founder of the clinical laboratory -Dr. Seddigheh Gouyandeh- has PhD degree in laboratory sciences and ex-professor of Mashhad University of Medical Science.

Dr. Memar (MD AP.CP.) is the technical manager of Pathology Laboratory.

The supervisor of Mousa ibn Jaefar clinical laboratory has bachelor degree in laboratory sciences and has more than 20 years of expert experience in this lab.

All other staff are experts with bachelor degree in laboratory sciences.


  Clinical laboratory of Mousa ibn Jaefar hospital is equipped with the most useful and modern equipment.

Different sections

  • Blood and Urine Biochemistry 2- Hematology 3-Microbiology 4- Hormonology 5- Immunology 6- Blood Bank 7- Parasitology 8- Pathology Anatomical Laboratory Histocytology

Work hours

  Services are available 7-24.

Laboratory services and sampling are available in both morning and afternoon shifts for patients.

Emergency services are available in night shifts.