Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose Health Tourism as a treatment plan?
  • What is your Privacy Policy?
  • What are some sample costs that I can expect for surgery?
  • Can I have more than one surgery at the same time?
  • Can I speak directly with the surgeon before I book my surgery?
  • What if I have complications after I return home?
  • What is the first step to take if I am interested in receiving overseas surgery?
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The number of people traveling overseas for plastic surgery, dental or other surgery procedures is increasing at a higher rate each year. The reason for this is the increasing costs of surgery at various countries, long waiting lists. Also, mind-blowing hospital expenses, lack of available specialists in various fields in a single country and qualified medical facilities in several countries, the absence of insurance coverage in particular surgeries, are the most popular reasons for increasing rate reference to Health Tourism Services.
Your initial contact with us will most likely be through a telephone call or our online Enquiry Form on this site. For privacy reasons, this form does not update any online data base with the information you submit. It is merely a form mailer. Once you have made contact with us, all correspondence will be directly between you and patient’s admission section. Your personal information is only provided to the hospital and your local physician on a “need to know” basis. To ensure that you are well looked after during your recuperation period, Pazhseir will inform your hotels that you have undergone a “surgical procedure”. No further details will be divulged unless necessary and with your permission.
Generally you will find that most procedures are between 20%-50% of the equivalent costs at home or European countries. We can be more specific once we receive your Enquiry Form.
Many patients who have more than one surgery will also combine it with dentistry and optical because of the great price packages and the follow-up care and support offered while on holiday.
Yes, once we have received your Enquiry Form, it will be transformed into a treatment plan by Health Tourism section and subsequently a timeline will be scheduled and initiated. A personal consultation can be arranged directly, by telephone, fax, or e-mail with the surgeon of your choice.
This is why we always recommend that your local Doctor be involved in your decision to have your procedure performed abroad. Typically a “complication” may not mean the aesthetic quality of the surgery but the way in which it responds to the surgery. We will arrange for a telephone consultation with your surgeon who may request that you go to a follow up consultation with a specialist at home. After this consultation it may be agreed that the client receive corrective surgery. We will provide up to one weeks hotel accommodation and the hospital will cover all the costs of the corrective surgery, if required.
• You can start your contact by going to enquiry, step 1. You can e-mail the filled form to IHBreeze (contact us) to enjoy our free information and consultation service. Alternatively, you can print the filled form and either fax it to our local representative (contact us) or hand the form in to them in person. (In counties with no representatives the ‘consultation request form’ must be directly emailed to our company.)
We will reply to your request in 48 hours.
• Making your decision to choose us as the company to take over your treatment, inform us in writing via fax or e-mail through our reception section (contact us) so we can consider your request, arrange medical procedure timetable and advise you on the required pre-therapeutic measures.
• You can start your contact by going to enquiry, step 2. 
To send your enquiry, our email address as well as telephone & fax numbers for the reception section of the company or our local representative offices can be found in contact us.
• Please note that your surgeon may require you to e-mail digital photos of the applicable areas that you require surgery as part of the initial assessment. Close liaison between us will be necessary to coordinate your trip and treatment and ensure that everything lives up to your expectations.

General Questions

Do I need a referral from my present Doctor at home?

No you do not. However, we always recommend that your local Doctor be involved in your decision to have your procedure performed abroad. It will be important for your local Doctor to continue to monitor your recovery when you return home.

How do I find out the cost estimates of the particular surgery I may want?

You simply complete our Enquiry Form (Step2), forward it to us either by fax or e-mail and once we receive it, we will reply you within 48 hours through Patient’s Admission section and will inform you about the details.

How is payment handled for the trip and the surgery?

Seven considerable services are all that you require for an efficient treatment (see Guide & Service). We will be pleased to provide you specific payment information once you have decided on the hospital and choice of travel date.

Why are prices so much cheaper than at home or Europe?

The cost advantage evolves from the lower cost of living and wages paid in these countries as compared to other countries. In addition, the great exchange rates you receive on your local currency means Living expenses are naturally less expensive than at your home or Europe. The services are excellent even with lower wages, as the hospitals are able to employ more staff which means you are guaranteed attention immediately. Also, there are no waiting lists for private hospitals as they are relatively expensive for local residents, giving you guaranteed surgery time when you want it.

Can I claim this treatment on my government medical insurance?

Not generally and especially if it is elective surgery. There may be special circumstances, however, you would have to check directly with your local government medical plan.

I am traveling by myself what happens in case something goes wrong?

Please be assured that you never feel alone under the service you will receive. You will be assigned a interpreter who will meet you on arrival in our country. This person will be your “friend away from home” and is at your disposal during your stay. That person will accompany you to all medical appointments and will be with you pre- and post- operatively in the hospital. You will also receive a loan cellular telephone for your personal use to ensure that you can contact your interpreter or to call home at any time.

I have been advised not to go overseas because of high risks associated with bad surgery and complications may arise?

Any stories you have heard says more about the importance of thoroughly planning your surgery abroad first. Research is the first step. Choose a country and a hospital facility where you are assured of only the highest quality treatment and after care. Find a Health/Medical Tour partner, such as International Health Breeze(IHbreeze), who has visited and thoroughly reviewed the surgeons and facilities.

What will happen if there is a complication with my surgery?

Although all types of surgery do carry risks, the risk of complication is no higher than you would be advised by a surgeon at home. To ensure the highest quality of care we undertake the following precautions: 
• Selection of only the most experienced surgeons, specialists, hospitals and clinics 
• Selecting the right patients – the surgeon will assess each patients medical history, mental status and current medications before travel and they will reject people that they feel may be at increased risk to complications. There are also strict protocols and standards for surgeries. 
• Having an excellent level of follow-up care, including careful monitoring over the immediate days after surgery. 
However, you must be aware that surgical results differ from person to person, depending on many factors such as age, medical history and health etc. You may experience results that are different from what you expected. You should discuss and agree on your expectations with your surgeon before surgery. If you have any concerns while you are on post-operatively, after surgery, the surgeon will be on hand to discuss and treat any side effects or complications.

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